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Deviations DetailsMetric Link
1.1 Number of students year wise during the last five yearsClick Here
5.1.1_DVClick Here
2. The certificate from the auditing agency.Click Here
3. The certificates of the awards received from the recognized agency.Click Here
7.1.3 – LCOP – DVV Click Here
2.2.1_S_F_RATIO Click Here
5.2.2_LISTClick Here
5.2.1 Click Here
5.1.3_FINAL  Click Here
5.1.3_LIST OF STUDENTS  Click Here
6.3.3 Click Here
1.2.1 Click Here
1.4.1  Click Here
1.2.1Click Here
3.1.1Click Here
1.3.2Click Here
3.2.2Click Here
7.1.2Click Here
3.1.1 – LCOP- DVV Click Here
3.1.1Click Here
 Click Here
 Click Here