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About Institute

Vision of the College

  • To develop an internationally recognized center for excellence of pharmaceutical education and research in the Country.
  • To form the curriculum so as to give maximum exposure to students with regard to the latest development in technology and trends within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To supplement the academics with maximum practical applications of theoretical knowledge.
  • To be a world class Institution of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology in the state and in the country as a whole providing facilities in the institution required for leading technological and socio-economic development of the country.
  • To train and prepare a high class pharmaceutical professionals for global competitiveness.
  • To ensure high quality of education to students of all sections of the society at affordable cost.

Mission of the College

The mission of the college is “Learn to live”- a dignified life by providing high quality technical education to contribute to the nation and the world at large with responsible, wise, passionate and efficient pharmaceutical professionals for the betterment of human beings.

  • To facilitate world class technical education through quality institution having academic excellence and innovative research and developmental programs
  • To help technology forecasting and global manpower planning.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurship by providing industry-institute interaction.
  • To provide affordable technical education to all.
  • To be a forward looking institution that has an efficient, flexible and empowered manpower sensitive to stake holders’ expectations.
  • To have an institution for imparting education, undertake research plan, evaluate, develop and enhance knowledge and understanding in the field of pharmaceutical science.
  • To train youths on job-oriented technical education well recognized by the respective industries in India and abroad.
  • To provide trained and ready-to-deploy knowledgeable workforce for the industry by providing employment opportunities in the state and in the country and abroad as a step forward for the next millennium.
  • To facilitate learning in respect of all branches of pharmaceutical sciences.

To promote writing and publications in the field of science and technology. In a safe, peaceful, disciplined and intellectually challenging environment, Latur College Pharmacy Institute students shall have ample opportunity to:

  • Fulfill their professional, cultural, sporting and social potential.
  • Achieve the best possible academic results.
  • Acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, self-discipline, industry and Independence.
  • Maintain openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect in the face of racial, Economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
  • Develop a confident understanding of their role in international society.
  • Understand their responsibility towards others and towards our planet.

Values of the College

  • Integrity in all that we do.
  • Desire to make a positive difference.
  • Personal development - continuous/lifelong learning/inquisitiveness/curiosity and innovation.
  • Diversity - openness to differing cultures, ethnic groups, and ways of thinking
  • Professionalism.